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Great Beginnings Teacher Featured in LSR7 Magazine

Heather Hamilton in her classroom

Mrs. Heather Hamilton is an early childhood special education teacher at Great Beginnings Early Education Center.

  • I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a very young age. It’s the love I have for children, seeing their progression and just being able to make a difference in kids and help them feel successful.
  • I chose early education because I believe early intervention provides the foundation for students’ success. It’s very important for early intervention with our kiddos.
  • I went to college to get just my early childhood certification. I ended up student teaching at what is now Great Beginnings. That’s where my love for special education came.
  • Early education is important because it provides that foundation for student success. It is the start of their learning. It’s when they’re taking in all the information. It’s their first school experience with social and academic skills.
  • Success in early education can look like many different things. It could be a child giving you eye contact or requesting things. It could be a child playing with a toy. There are lots of successful moments in the early education classroom.
  • One of the most important things from our Great Beginnings’ beliefs is the power of diversity where everyone belongs. We also believe in developing all areas of the child, the whole child.
  • For the whole child, we’re looking at their physical needs, gross motor needs, fine motor needs, their communication, speech, language, social, academics: the whole child in their learning and what they need.
  • I think the most important thing we believe is that all positive relationships lay that foundation for positive outcomes. We understand that building relationships with the child is very important to get successful moments.
  • When I see kids make progress, sometimes I cry happy tears because you see how much they grow. It is such a great feeling. It really lets me know that I’m doing what I love to do and I’m here for a reason for those kiddos.
  • It’s meaningful to me that I have that opportunity to be close with families because it tells me I’ve built that relationship with the family and the child; I have helped that child to be successful and to learn.