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Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is a free and voluntary program provided through the LSR7 School District that offers families regular home visits with a certified parent educator focusing on early childhood development and parenting practices.

Through the program, families can also access annual health and developmental screenings, group connections (activities or speakers), and resource connections for families with children prenatal through pre-K. 

Enrollment Information

Who Qualifies: Any resident family with children prenatal through pre-K can enroll.

Family Cost: Free

Benefits: Parents as Teachers promotes early development, learning and children’s good health. They support parents and caregivers, who are their child’s first and most important teacher. PAT seeks to build community, help families thrive and ensure children are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Families receive a yearly child developmental screening and  information to increase their knowledge, improve parenting practices and achieve goals. The PAT community provides opportunities for families to gather and learn about parenting topics, develop friendships and increase families’ social connections.

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  • Do you have a child aged 3-PreK who is not yet eligible for kindergarten?
  • Do you reside within the LSR7 School District boundaries?

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Parents as Teachers Group Connections

Parents as Teachers strives to offer group connections to meet the needs of our families. We offer family and parent-only events that provide opportunities for families to learn from and support each other, as well as experience safe and positive interactions with other children. Our events are offered to families currently enrolled in the LSR-7 Parents as Teachers program.

Upcoming events are listed here!

Parents as Teachers Monthly Newsletters